DCod 7200
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An inteligent security system that provides feedback on voice form

Total Control
DCOD 7200 is capable to dial out up to 4 telephone numbers to alerts user in the event of emergency like break in and fire alarm. The system will continue dialing processes until being acknowledged by user.

With advance technology, the mobile phone can act as remote control to control your security system, your home lighting, to trace the break-in area or even to check your door or window status.

Smart Security
The system provides 4 different arming functions to users and gives options to arm the specified area of premises at certain time.

One Touch
DCOD provides 13 ONE TOUCH modes that can perform functions with a single touch. Their simplified settings enable users to modify their system with ease.

Lightning Protection
By utillizing the “ZIG-ZAG” technology, DCOD provides superb lighting protection not only against surge from telephone line but surge from power line as well.

Latest Japan Technology
DCOD system is designed based on the latest JAPAN technology. The microprocessor technology is being proven, style and reliable overtime. It provides round the clock protection for the one you love.

If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on the security system and it’s obviously you want reassurance that the system will be updated to you anytime.

GSM is the additional upgrades module that acts as the backup line if the conventional telephone line fails. Thus, you be assured that system will be reporting to you via the calls or SMS reporting.

GSM is a dualband module and can be ultilized by connect a single SIM card (e.g Maxis, Digi, Celcom).

It provides:
- Voice Feedback to your personal mobile
- Contact ID to CMS centre
- SMS reporting

PC Software
DCOD PC software is the upgrade option for user that prefers monitoring with PC. The PC software has integrated all features includes: Away Arm, Day Arm, Night Arm, etc and capable to perform all function that currently handled by keypad. The software provides options for users to create a designated floor plan and downloaded to the software with dedicated zones and automation point.

Home Automation Module
You have options to choose a more comfort world by integrating the home automation module that automated your home appliances (e.g Air-cond, lights, etc). Now, you can configure on the system to turn on the appliances on the specific time or remotely via mobile while you are away from home.

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